At the Raspberry Pi Computing Education Research Centre, we are delighted to announce that we’ll be hosting the WiPSCE conference on primary and secondary computing education research from 27-29 September 2023

What is WiPSCE?

WiPSCE is the premier international venue for school-level computing education. It aims to improve the exchange of research and practice relevant to teaching and learning in primary and secondary computing education, teacher training, and related research. It’s been running as an international conference since 2012 (prior to that it was a German-speaking workshop), so is well established. Personally, as I’ve developed my own research, I have found the WiPSCE community to be an incredibly supportive bunch of people, and very welcoming to new researchers and PhD students.

Venue for WiPSCE 2023

Call for Papers

WiPSCE draws participants from all parts of the world and is run annually, in cooperation with ACM SIGCSE (dependent on approval for 2023). If you’re engaged in research, we’d really encourage you to consider submitting a paper to the conference. WiPSCE papers generally fall into the following themes, although the list is not exhaustive:

You can submit a full paper (6-10 pages), a work-in-progress (short) paper (3-4 pages), a practical report (4-6 pages) or a poster. We are looking for research that has a theoretical framework and/or robust empirical results. The Call for Papers is now live with more information, and for the second year in a row, WiPSCE is offering a pre-review phase. The pre-review phase enables you to get some feedback on a draft paper or idea for a paper, so if you are unsure about submitting a paper we’d recommend that you consider putting your ideas in at the pre-review phase (closing date March 6th). 

Join us in Cambridge!

Mathematical Bridge in Cambridge

In terms of local arrangements, the conference will be held at the University of Cambridge, UK, with support from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. More information about the venue can be found on the WiPSCE website but it’s a great location, with the centre of Cambridge within walking distance, and university accommodation available for those who book up early. Cambridge is about an hour from London by train, so very easy to get to no matter where you are coming from! 

The conference will run from Wednesday lunchtime to Friday lunchtime to allow time for travel either end, or even enable you to follow up the conference with a sightseeing weekend in Cambridge.

We will be sharing more details of the conference both here and at but until then make sure you save the date

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