DeepMind X Stemillions

Thank you for taking part in our evaluation!

We are conducting a survey to understand the experiences of students and teachers taking part in Stemillions clubs through the DeepMind X Stemillions programme. This information will help us better understand teaching/learning about AI/STEM and create more inclusive and engaging learning experiences for all. Please note: these surveys have been designed for secondary school students/teachers only.

At the end of each of the teacher surveys, there is an opportunity for you to enter a prize draw form to win a £50 National Book Token for your school. There is also an opportunity to sign up to host a focus group (with your students) and be interviewed about your experiences of the programme. If you are selected to take part, you would receive a £100 National Book Token for your school.

Before you start the programme

Please use the following two links to complete the appropriate survey. The teacher survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. The student survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

To complete this step:

At the end of the programme

After you’ve finished the DeepMind X Stemillions programme, come back to this page to complete the appropriate survey. Note: even if you/your students didn’t do the survey before, you can all still take part now.

Further details 

The Raspberry Pi Computing Education Research Centre is the official external evaluator for a set of programmes relating to AI/STEM. The intention of this evaluation is to understand how students and teachers learn about AI/STEM and increase their awareness of AI/STEM careers. By participating in this research project, participants are asked to complete two short surveys.

The surveys on this page are intended for secondary school students and teachers who are taking part in Stemillions clubs through the DeepMind X Stemillions programme. Your and your students’ participation in the surveys is voluntary. All of your responses will remain anonymous and no identifiable information is collected. However, please check your school’s policies and procedures on completing surveys. If you choose not to do the survey, you can still take part in the programme.

All survey data will be processed according to standard ethical guidelines governing research projects. If you would like to ask us anything about the survey, please contact us at