We have recently started our new research project, EPICS, investigating physical computing in primary schools. Read more about our pioneering project here. We’ll be looking at how pupils’ attitudes and beliefs develop as they engage with the BBC micro:bit. 

We’ve recruited a small number of primary schools across the UK to work with us each year over the next five years as we follow the Year 4/Primary 5 children through to secondary school. Data collection for this is underway and we’re so excited to be working with these schools. 

Alongside this, we’re now looking for a larger number of primary schools to complete our UK-wide survey about pupils’ and teachers’ experiences of physical computing and the micro:bit. This also involves delivering a short activity to the pupils using the micro:bit, which we have designed. We’re rolling this out now until mid-September, so there is plenty of time to participate. 

This is where your school can get involved!

If you are a primary school teacher and have received your class set of micro:bits (through the BBC micro:bit – the next gen campaign), we’d love for you to take part in this wider data collection aspect of our EPICS project.

As always, if you just want to keep up to date with the project and our findings, look out for our future blog posts.